The GCGC and VRC

GCGC LogoWe are the Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club

Founded in June 2008, 
Serving Mecklenburg and surrounding Counties of both
North & South Carolina.

You need not live in the GCGC area to be a member. For those in the area we offer multiple activities throughout the year with our Relay and Theme contests along with lively discussion and plenty of help in the forum.

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We are also the home of 

Virtually Real Caching

A Play at Home and in the Real World Geocaching game.

Find Virtual caches using Google Streetview and Sphere then venture out into the Real World and find them again.





Cache Highlight

The Lost Treasure of the Confederates



    This is a Grand Cache that attracts visitors from all around. If you have not experienced it then you have a goal to attain. Concieved and hidden by BigBendAddict and MadKiwiMan in 2009, (both former members of the GCGC) it is one of those caches that you will never forget. 


    This one takes time to complete with it's multiple stages, puzzle solving and record keeping. Many team up (the preferred method for safety if nothing else) to complete the task in a weekend. Some take it in stages spaced over days or weeks. Only two are known to have completed the cache as individuals with no support team including the first to do so, your own TermiteHunter.


    I don't recommend attempting this on your own unless you are very comfortable being in such situatons while alone. It is not for the faint hearted or those that are not equipped for the danger, drudgery and problem solving required.


    With only 57 finds in the 10 years or so since its placement, LOTC is only for those dedicated to the task. For those that take up the challenge and actually manage to complete it they have stories to tell reflected in the logs. You don't find a TFTC or "found it" in the bunch.


    Suit up. This one is in danger of archival or hopefully adoption. If you have the desire, now is the time.


Member Highlight


RV's first log. A bit late after he learned how to log and we can only assume DNF'd it a couple times first. He finally claimed it for 2008

"Sorry for the long, long delayed log, but I found this AS MY FIRST CACHE EVER when I was visiting my grandmother in Emmaus. Back then, I didn't know anything and was a true "noob".

Now I'm completely sucked in - I'm going back to complete my history with my first finds.

Thanks so much!"

RVSo that is RVStauff with his traditional "thumbs up" pose.


RV is one of your Admins here on The GCGC and has been with the GCGC a long time. You see him less in the forums than in years past but he was the "GameMaster" for the GCGC for many years. Many of those contests you remember and see today came from the same mind that prompted the founding of the DNF Club. Yes, if you hide it he will DNF it. Even with a failure rate we all would avoid he still claims to have found over 2100 on GC and 72 on OCNA along with finds on a few other sites. 


Take a cue from the DNF Club Founder and log those DNF's. They too can be a point of Pride?

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angeluscowl: Hope to see you all at GIFF! Nov 10, 2018 10:23:55 GMT -5
Goin' PostNet: I haven't done it, but I heard biking it is the easiest way. Nov 7, 2018 15:08:13 GMT -5
lutzie86: Has anyone done the VA star, and if you did do you have suggestions on how to do it more efficiently? Nov 7, 2018 13:03:16 GMT -5
Admin: angeluscowl earns Week 7 LCC Medallion. Their first. Oct 28, 2018 21:00:58 GMT -5 *
angeluscowl: Does anyone have an HDMI projector? The library for GIFF has VGA, but if someone has HDMI we scan screen the GIFF in higher definition. Oct 27, 2018 12:49:11 GMT -5
lutzie86: rv, you crack me up! 8-| Oct 26, 2018 10:28:35 GMT -5
lutzie86: Thank you Majot! Oct 26, 2018 10:27:34 GMT -5
angeluscowl: Event is live!
Oct 26, 2018 6:09:41 GMT -5
Majot: Great to see you back, Lutzie! Oct 25, 2018 22:09:44 GMT -5
rvstauff: YAY! Another off the grid type. I wish I could find the grid! Oct 25, 2018 18:29:15 GMT -5
lutzie86: Hey y'all. I fell off the grid for awhile for reasons out of my control, but I am back in action. Ready to move and shake! Oct 23, 2018 21:48:41 GMT -5
angeluscowl: working with ithink on this one, as you need to be a resident to use the library. Oct 23, 2018 18:40:59 GMT -5
Admin: ithink offered a solution Oct 22, 2018 21:35:59 GMT -5
angeluscowl: GIFF event at the library is a no-go, unless we're 501c or there's enough interest to put together $100 to host it there. Anyone got other ideas of where it could be hosted? Oct 22, 2018 18:46:25 GMT -5
Admin: See your Medallions in your profile. We all see ithink314's Oct 16, 2018 21:53:46 GMT -5
Admin: You know that this is just wrong. Get in the game. Oct 7, 2018 22:47:26 GMT -5
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