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Admin: Find the How You View The GCGC Poll and tell us how. Put your Pin in the Map May 13, 2021 22:13:26 GMT -5
wwac: Hey!!!! Thank you so much!!! May 13, 2021 13:50:27 GMT -5
angeluscowl: In general, always do a favorite point search when you're in an area! May 12, 2021 9:07:42 GMT -5
angeluscowl: 11 hours puts you pretty far: South Florida, New Orleans, St. Louis, Detroit, NYC, Niagara Falls. If you're looking at natural settings, definitely take a look at earthcaches- virtual caches where you learn about geological wonders. May 12, 2021 9:07:28 GMT -5
angeluscowl: i recommend checking kayak or google flights if you're looking at cheaper flights- I know Denver & Florida are usually cheap flights. May 12, 2021 9:04:17 GMT -5
poppiseed: Hi ya'll! sorry to go MIA for a few weeks- i was on a work trip for the last 3 weeks. but im back and ready to ruuummmbbblllllleeeee May 10, 2021 21:04:47 GMT -5
brenco20: Hello All! I signed up a short while ago, but I am trying to actually be part of things here. Thanks to TermiteHunter for recruiting me, and for his cache hiding skills. May 10, 2021 12:12:20 GMT -5
Sammyam100: Happy Birthday!!!! May 10, 2021 8:38:54 GMT -5
Sammyam100: Welcome to the forum feel free to ask any questions! May 10, 2021 8:38:08 GMT -5
angeluscowl: welcome kb10bo! May 9, 2021 12:25:51 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Welcome to the GCGC May 8, 2021 22:21:37 GMT -5 *
wwac: the fargo, ND geotour sounds perfect...but may be a tad to far...expensive flight...I could drive up to 11ish hours or fly somewhere if reasonably priced...probably most places in us unless super remote and not many flights out... May 8, 2021 9:25:25 GMT -5
wwac: I want well maintained geocaches...I love gadget caches or exaggerated caches...unique unicorn farts....geoart...themes...super mario themes,,,just really cool themes in general pair with geocaches you dont see around town May 8, 2021 9:22:54 GMT -5
angeluscowl: To build on what TermiteHunter said- go where you want, and know what kind of things you're looking for. Some people (like me) love doing county finds. Others might want to do earthcaches with breathtaking views. What are you looking for? May 8, 2021 8:59:46 GMT -5
wwac: TermiteHunter, you are a legend. Thank you for these simple words that made my day, made me smile, are perfect and so true. Here's to an epic summer of geocaching the US. This group is the best and I really need a banner now, cause I just published! May 7, 2021 8:05:43 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Go where YOU want. What you seek will be there. May 5, 2021 22:12:32 GMT -5 *
wwac: Hey y'all! I want to fly somewhere to geocache...who knows the best place for caching or a cool geotour? I can go any where in us or us territory....except maybe Hawaii. May 4, 2021 22:02:54 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Don't forget to vote in the poll May 3, 2021 22:25:40 GMT -5
Sammyam100: I found out who it was. Very thankful for it! Thank you again, you know who you are. :D Apr 30, 2021 7:41:07 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Well that was nice if a member did that for you. Well done mystery member Apr 29, 2021 22:23:02 GMT -5