The GCGC and VRC

GCGC LogoWe are the Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club

Founded in June 2008, 
Serving Mecklenburg and surrounding Counties of both
North & South Carolina.

You need not live in the GCGC area to be a member. For those in the area we offer multiple activities throughout the year with our Relay and Theme contests along with lively discussion and plenty of help in the forum.

VRC Logo

We are also the home of 

Virtually Real Caching

A Play at Home and in the Real World Geocaching game.

Find Virtual caches using Google Streetview and Sphere then venture out into the Real World and find them again.





Meet your GCGC Staff

These are your GCGC staff members.

You may know the names, now meet the cacher.


Primary Admin, TermiteHunter:

Caching since 2007. One of the earliest members of the GCGC and Opencaching.US. Also an Admin for the Opencaching North America cache listing service. Your host and the one to blame for this forum


Admin, rvstauff:

Our other Admin here on the GCGC and our Game Master. He created and hosts many of the games played here. Founder of the DNF Club for good reason since 2008.


GCGC Lackey, Goin'Postnet:

Caching since 2011 in all its forms including OCNA and Virtually Real Caching here on the GCGC.


Moderator Lackey, Lutzie86:

Caching since 2007, Lutzie86 is our most recent addition and all in on caching and writing about her adventures on the interwebs


Events Manager, Angeluscowl:

Caching since 2012, Angeluscowl has amassed a huge number of finds and will bring this experience to our events schedule


Social Media Czar, Poppiseed:

Caching since 2009, Poppiseed has returned to the Charlotte area and is the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram face of the GCGC


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angeluscowl: wb! any particular cache you're aiming to do as a special #1000? Sept 19, 2021 9:09:28 GMT -5
wwac: Hi all! Sorry I have been MIA. Work is hectic during this time and I need more hours in the day it seems. Trying to get 1,000 finds pretty quickly, but will try to be on here soon! Hope everyone is having fun and doing well! Sept 12, 2021 13:08:35 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Want to own a cache with history? See the cache adoption topic in the Geocaches board Aug 24, 2021 21:09:21 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Welcome to the GCGC Aug 24, 2021 20:54:18 GMT -5
muse435: "Caches found on alternative sites may be used but may not have all goals needed for a Perfect 10." and "No Premium Member Only caches may be entered." So unless all of the caches you have found have bean premium, at least one could be entered. Aug 24, 2021 7:26:23 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: How do you know? Aug 23, 2021 20:45:09 GMT -5
lutzie86: Hi. How do they qualify? I gained about 20 caches along my journey but nothing that would give me points. Aug 23, 2021 14:17:15 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: They all qualified. Aug 23, 2021 12:40:57 GMT -5
lutzie86: I just acquired 20 counties in NC over the last 5 days but none of them qualified for any relays. Aug 23, 2021 9:14:12 GMT -5
angeluscowl: dang, I was really sure I had the right one. Aug 22, 2021 21:17:16 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: I think I should have not scored it and made you guys wait longer. Aug 22, 2021 20:56:47 GMT -5
angeluscowl: TH, what did you think of my entry? :) Aug 22, 2021 19:51:50 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Perfect Ten Hint hidden on the site. (not that it will help too much) Aug 21, 2021 23:41:42 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: I am now Aug 18, 2021 20:30:54 GMT -5
wwac: Is TermiteHunter online? Aug 17, 2021 23:02:22 GMT -5
wwac: Hey? Aug 17, 2021 23:02:09 GMT -5
TermiteHunter: Easy game to join...The Perfect Ten. Play it NOW Aug 10, 2021 22:09:22 GMT -5
wwac: Yey! I am sending you a message now!!! Aug 6, 2021 0:40:59 GMT -5
brenco20: send me a link and I can take a look. I have no idea what you are talking about, but I do love a good puzzle. Aug 2, 2021 19:52:53 GMT -5
wwac: I need help solving puzzles for the JCAT 81...anyone want to help...I have solved 7 and will share! Aug 1, 2021 20:11:14 GMT -5